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Gloria Caicedo

Realtor Associate
Languages: English, Spanish
“I have the grown to understand and love this unique community,” says Gloria I. Caicedo, who came from Latin America as a second-generation entrepreneur and has now lived in Miami for almost 16 years. “I try to use my individual experiences and skills, along with our family experiences, to understand exactly what my clients are looking for,” she adds. Gloria also incorporates her design background and brings her strong business and marketing skills to the Miami real estate market.

A few years back, Gloria remembers showing a home to a client who specifically asked to see that particular property. As soon as she walked in she started crying and in between her tears she made a cash offer.
“After the closing we found out that the property was the first house her grandparents owned after immigrating to the U.S. around the 1940s. My client had promised her grandmother she’d buy if it ever came available so it could stay in the family for generations,” she recalls. “Moments like that are what make this business so rewarding. That’s why I do all I can for every person I serve.”

Advice For Buyers: “As the market changes remember it’s never possible to sell at the highest price or buy at the lowest price. What is possible is to receive up-to-date information so you can make a sound decision.”
Advice For Sellers: “If you have good market information, you can price your property correctly. It is not the realtor or the amount of advertising that sells your property, it is pricing it well that makes it sell fast and at the best possible price.”

Predictions For 2016: “We will be transitioning from a seller’s market to a buyer's market, so if you are selling or buying a property it has to be very well priced to sell fast or buy correctly.”

Gloria's Rental Listings

3 Bed · 2 Bath · 1,930ft²
2 Bed · 2 Bath · 1,260ft²