Catalina Arredondo

Realtor Associate (786) 608-5237
Languages: English, German, Spanish
"You can never get bored being a real estate agent," says Catalina Arrendondo with a smile. "You have to be a consultant, a creative marketing expert, a psychologist, a teacher, and a trusted friend ' because that's what it takes to create relationships that last." For nearly a decade, it is that mindset that has attracted clients from around the world towards Catalina's expertise. Her willingness to listen and her ability to understand people's goals are among the traits her clients appreciate most, and why she is consistently successful at helping people find the exact right residential property or make the best possible sale. A long-t
ime Miami resident, Catalina specializes in the area's top family lifestyle destinations ' as she herself is also quite committed to family. Kendall, Key Biscayne, Pinecrest, and other neighborhoods known for a relaxed atmosphere and excellent schools are among her favorite places to work with clients, though she knows the entire Miami market very well. Beyond the U.S., Catalina has also seen real estate success in her native Peru, where she once made a $2.8 million sale ' and where she continues to network with those wishing to move or own a second home in Miami. Outside of work, Catalina likes to spend time with family, enjoying the culture, weather, and energy of Miami. Catalina speaks English, Spanish, and German.

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