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Upcoming Events in Miami

February 17, 2017

Arts, entertainment, and culture have long played a vital role in the magic that makes Miami such an extraordinary city. Take a look at some upcoming events that are sure to appeal to Miami visitors and residents alike.

Phantom of the Opera:
This play will occur from February 24th to March 6th at the Ziff Opera House. Phantom of the Opera is a timeless production that has been performed around the world in multiple variations. A cast of famous performers is coming to Miami to perform a rendition like never before. With the incredible acoustics of our very own opera house, the stage and lighting are certain to be amazing. Tickets begin at $112, and interested playgoers are encouraged to buy tickets as soon as possible. This event is available to viewers of all ages, and judging by sellouts in previous years, there is a major rush for premium seats. Although photography is strictly prohibited, there are many souvenirs at the gift shop to savor and remember the opera experience.

The Miami Open:
This tennis tournament will occur from March 21st to April 3rd at the tennis center in Crandon Park. Formerly known as the Sony Tennis Open, organizers have reacquired sponsors to host an extremely competitive tennis tournament. Professional players from around the world will travel to Florida for multiple rounds of action. Early rounds are scattered across the grounds, but as the tournament progresses, matches will be played on the famous center court. Tickets begin at $5 for preliminary matches. There will also be a special performance by Duran Duran that you will not want to miss. The Miami Open's atmosphere makes this tournament a favorite sports attraction for all enthusiasts. Arrive in the morning or evening to interact with players.

South Beach Cultural Food and Walking Tour:
These tours are very popular in the springtime. The tour is an all day event that takes you through the sights and sounds of south beach with stops for dining experiences along the way. At each stop, professional tour guides explain the historical nature and significance of the attraction.

The culture of south beach is unique to Miami. Overall, there are many ways to get around. Between trolleys, walking, buses, and bikes, these tours have something for everyone, even Miami residents. Weekdays are typically less crowded, and because you will want to take many photos, better angles are possible with fewer people. Brochures, souvenirs, and maps are available as reminders of this special experience.

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