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[Podcast] Ep. 7 I Three Keys to Success: How to Be a Top Producer w/ Cervera rainmaker John Reza Parsiani

July 25, 2018
Omar De Windt
Vice President of Corporate Communication

Cervera top producer and resident celeb realtor, John Reza Parsiani shares his three keys to success. Our wide-ranging conversation touches on everything from knowing when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em to overcoming discrimination, learning from “Life University,” the importance of following your heart, and more.  

About John Reza Parsiani:

A big picture thinker, expert negotiator and innovative strategist who brings out the best in every business transaction, John Reza Parsiani is a dedicated, powerful and trusted professional known for his diligence, diplomacy and integrity. His passion for excellence has been a lifelong pursuit that John has cultivated through hard work, a superior education, and an impressive 20-year leadership career in business marketing and sales, with a 15-year focus on real estate.

John is now the Senior Sales Executive at Aria On The Bay, one of Miami’s newest luxury developments. He was previously the Director of Sales in charge of Cervera’s flagship Miami office, and a luxury sales specialist focused on residential properties throughout Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach ranging from $2 million to over $20 million. John also serves on the Board of Directors of the Miami Asian Real Estate Association of America, (AREAA) the largest Asian association in North America with 35 chapters and over 17,000 members, and also an active member of South Florida's Master Brokers Forum.

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