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Interior Design Trends in Luxury Miami Condos

February 14, 2017

Luxury Miami condos are known for their sleek design and impressive views of the city. Those who want to create an elegant environment can furnish the condo with modern decor that makes a statement. Condominium owners can create a setting that is truly quintessential Miami with a few interior design modifications.

Dramatic Chandeliers
Although dramatic chandeliers should be used very sparingly, they can truly set a room apart from the rest of the living space. Depending on the room and additional décor, the light fixture can include an oversized shade that is the focal point in the room, or one that features crystals. Either way, this accessory is sure to make the room stand out from the rest of the condo.

Leather Sectionals
Leather sectionals are cozy, and create an inviting setting for those who are looking to create an interior that feels more like “home.” These sectionals are sleek and stylish, which will help the home look modern and updated without feeling cold and utilitarian. Opt for a sectional that has a neutral color to blend in well with the surrounding decor. 

Platform Beds
Platform beds are part of the increasingly popular “minimal” décor style. The bed sits low on the ground and doesn't have a headboard, making it a unique item that will allow the condo to look more open and modern. Add decorative pillows and a duvet cover to create a balance between contemporary style and the coziness of home.

Brass Fixtures
Brass fixtures add a pop of detail and can be used on kitchen cabinets or furniture throughout the condominium. The metallic detail will make the condo look luxurious and modern. Consider the colors used throughout the condo before opting for brass, as stainless steel or silver colored accents may look better with certain colors and materials.

Mid-Century Chairs
Mid-century chairs that are retro and stylish will dress up the dining room and can fill in a bare corner that needs an extra piece of decor. Use mid-century chairs that are dramatic and unconventional to incorporate an item that draws attention to specific areas of the condo.

Lucite Furniture
Lucite furniture stands out for the clear design of the product, which makes it look upscale and modern. Retro inspired shapes and pieces evoke memories of traditional 80’s Miami design. Consider adding a Lucite console in the entryway, or using a Lucite coffee table for a Miami exclusive modern-yet-retro look. You can add books or flowers on your Lucite coffee table for extra pops of color.

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