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Columbia Business School invites Alicia Cervera to share insights on women in family businesses

March 04, 2016 · Columbia Business Schoool
Omar De Windt
Vice President of Corporate Communication

On March 4, Miami's "Real Estate Matriarch" shared stories about the start of her business with a room full of future leaders from the Columbia Business School.

"I realized early on, that to be successful in real estate, you must establish a brand name and you need to find a niche," Alicia explained during the afternoon panel on "Women in Family Businesses" at the 2016 Family Business Conference. Alicia was joined by fellow panelists, Linda Lightman and Adrienne Penta.

You can watch an excerpt from Alicia's panel discussion on the Cervera Real Estate Facebook page by clicking here.  

As an annual tradition, the Family Business Conference is Columbia Business School's flagship event for the year. According to the CBS Family Business Clubs Square Space, the Conference provides the ideal opportunity to discuss the common issues and challenges facing family businesses in a discreet yet inclusive setting, surrounded by peers as well as industry experts.

The Club, which has over 100 members, is an active and growing organization, with really interesting students from a diverse array of industries and nationalities. The Conference is an important event in the CBS calendar and provides a unique opportunity to hear amazing speakers, engage in interesting panels and to network. 


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