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Alicia Cervera dubbed "Matriarch of the Magic City's real estate market"

January 01, 2013 · Brickell Magazine
Omar De Windt
Vice President of Corporate Communication

Alicia Cervera was featured on Brickell Magazine and dubbed the "Matriarch of the Magic City's real estate market".

From the Brickell Magazine: 

Since founding her company in 1969, no other woman has had a greater influence on the development of South Florida than Alicia Cervera since Julia Tutle founded the city in 1895.

To say that Alicia Cervera, Sr., of Cervera Real Estate is the matriarch of The Magic City’s now-booming real estate market would be a bit of an understatement. The daughter of a highprofile ambassador and a self-made developer, Alicia left Cuba at the onset of The Revolution only to arrive in the U.S. with nothing. Her riches-to-rags-to-riches journey is not only inspiring, it’s one of Miami’s greatest success stories. It all started in 1930 in Lima, Peru.

From the beginning, you could say Alicia’s script was written. Her father was a Naval officer turned lawyer turned diplomat who was also an adjunct professor of history at one of South America’s most prestigious universities. “Some of my fondest memories growing up are meeting world leaders and prominent ambassadors with my dad,” she says. But it was her mother who had planted the real estate seed in Alicia at a very young age. She was a self-made developer who taught her daughter some pretty valuable lessons about architecture, interior design and realty. “ I loved visiting construction sites and reviewing floorplans with my mom,” she says. “The best part is that she always had a knack for convincing my father to do whatever she wanted him to do!”

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