Relocating from NYC to Miami? Know this Before You Take the Leap

  Shane Neman is a forward-thinking problem solver, consummate optimist and serial entrepreneur. A prototypical businessman of our modern era, his experience and expertise in business spans numerous industries, from technology and telecommunications to real estate and hospitality.   In 2014, Shane relocated his family from Manhattan to South Florida. In this episode of the Miami Real Estate Podcast by Cervera Real Estate, he provides a detailed account of what the process entails legally, emotionally and financially. Shane breaks down what other New Yorkers need to know before making the leap and answers the big question: was it worth it?   We also spoke about the importance of having a diversified real estate portfolio as an investor, new opportunity zones that savvy South Florida real estate investors should keep their eyes on and advice for would-be entrepreneurs looking to start a new venture.   About Shane: After leaving NYU Medical School early, Shane started three industry-shifting tech startups (two of them – EZ Texting and JoonBug – acquired) with hundreds of employees and tens of thousands of customers. As an insightful startup backer, Shane’s portfolio includes companies such as Convoy, Prose, Impossible Foods, Universal Standard, Apostrophe, MeetMindful, MapAnything, VinePair and Smylen. Shane is also a prolific real estate developer and investor. From commercial shopping and industrial centers to residential buildings, he owns more than two dozen large-scale properties across the U.S.   He holds a degree in Computer Science from New York University, where he received the prestigious Barry M. Goldwater scholarship and was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa academic honor society.   You can read more about Shane’s transition from New York to Miami in his blog “Know this before relocating to Florida from New York City.

Expats' Guide to Buying a Property in Miami

The real estate scene in Miami has only been getting more popular over the years. Naturally, this means better properties and more interesting investment opportunities. A lot of people all over the world are buying in Miami now! If you’re not from the USA and you’re looking to buy a property you’ll have a hard time finding the best possible solution. Don’t worry though, it’s normal for people who don’t live in Miami to have a tougher time of picking the best real estate. It’s not the quality of the property that’s the disputed factor, but the location. Buying real estate in that perfect neighborhood can mean the difference between success and failure. So, check out our expats’ guide to buying a property in Miami and use our tips to secure the best property purchase! Ask the right questions If you want to buy a property in Miami, you’ll need to get the right information. Before you even start viewing properties, make sure you ask yourself the right questions. Determining the answers to these will help you narrow down the potential options. Why do you need the property? Where do you need it? What’s your budget? Why are you buying a property? If you’re an expat buying a property in Miami, you might be doing it for many reasons. However, you’ll need to define those if you want to have an easy time of your purchase. This is the first and the most important tip in our expats’ guide to buying a property in Miami. So, whether you’re looking for your new home or the perfect investment opportunity, you’ll need to decide before you can buy! Investing Miami is the hotspot for real estate at the moment, as new buildings are being built and new investment opportunities are arising. Miami is a metropolis, as well as one of the most famous cities on the East Coast. So, if you’re looking to get a return on your property investment, you’ve come to the right place. Getting good properties in Downtown Miami for your investment might not be an easy task though. Looking for a home Many people are buying real estate in Miami in order to start a new life here. If this is the case with you, consider investing in a property which will be easier and cheaper to maintain. If you’re looking to stay, you’ll want to make it as affordable as possible. A home in one of the most amazing cities on the East Coast might get expensive, especially if you want it to have all the top traits of a good Miami home. On the other hand, if moving to a city as big as Miami isn’t what you’d like, or a big investment isn’t what you're looking for right now, there are many other options to take into account. In many ways, you can stay close to Miami but find a much more easygoing location to live in.  You might also consider relocating to Miami Beach area and investing in property there if you’re looking for a relaxing place to live in. The perfect property is hard to find, but Miami has a lot to offer. Where to look The next item on our expats’ guide to buying a property in Miami is knowing where you’ll want to purchase it. Obviously, you’re planning to buy a place in the Magic City or its suburbs, but, choosing the right address in the city means a lot. The neighborhood you choose to live in will affect every part of your future life. But, keep in mind that choosing a neighborhood in one of the most attractive real estate markets is not an easy task. If you want to succeed, you’ll need to get familiar with all of the neighborhoods and decide which one suits you the best. After this, you’ll want to take a look at all the best properties in the neighborhood of your choice which fit your criteria. Once you’ve completed both of these tasks, getting the property will be a breeze. All you’ll need to do is pick and purchase. There are so many neighborhoods to choose from that it’s going to be a tough choice. How to get the best price Finally, we’ve come to the budget. Everyone looking to buy a property should save up some money, but this really is crucial for people who’re looking to buy a property in another country. So, you’ll need to get a solid budget. In addition to this, you can expand your budget by reducing the cost of the property you’re looking to buy. Contact the best real estate experts in South Florida and we’ll help you find that dream property at the best possible price. Another solution you can consider is negotiating the price. However, because Miami real estate is so popular, no one wants to reduce the costs. In all fairness, why would they when someone else will show up very quickly to buy the property for its original price. So, this is something you might try, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work very well. Don’t be afraid to dream big In the end, the perfect property is out there waiting for you. You just need to find it, and Miami is a great place to look. Luckily, with the help of our guide to buying a property in Miami, you won’t have any trouble finding or acquiring the right place. After that, all that’s left is to hire reliable Pro Movers Miami to help you move your home or office to this beautiful city. Get help from reliable real estate agents to ensure you have an easy purchase. Finally, if you’re not sure how or where to look, you can always get professional help! Our real estate agents will assist you with anything you need when looking for a good investment opportunity. With their help, you won’t need an expats’ guide to buying a property in Miami since you’ll already get all the useful tips you might need!  

[Report] Mid-Market Miami Single-Family Home Sales Rise 9.4 Percent in December

Mid-market Miami single-family home sales rose 9.4 percent in December, evidence of strong demand in one of the nation’s most sought-after real estate markets, according the MIAMI Association of Realtors (MIAMI) and the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) system. Sales for single-family homes priced between $300K and $600K increased 9.4 percent year-over-year in December, from 480 to 525. Single-family luxury home sales jumped 11.4 percent year-over-year, from 70 to 78. Median prices rose 6.7 percent for single-family homes to $355,000. Condo median prices stayed even at $235,000. Here is the full report:  Total Home Sales Decrease in December Due in Part to Higher Interest Rates Consistent with market performance throughout the U.S., higher interest rates resulted in fewer Miami-Dade home sales in in December. After five months of consecutive increases countywide, total Miami-Dade County sales decreased 6.2 percent year-over-year in December 2018, from 2,219 to 2,081. Lack of inventory in lower price points also contributed to the decline in transactions. “Overall Miami-Dade real estate had another strong year in 2017, including more total sales than what we had in 2018,” said 2019 MIAMI Chairman of the Board José María Serrano. “While total sales year-over-year decreased in December due to higher interest rates, now that mortgage rates have declined, we expect to see sales increase in the coming months.” Low mortgage rates make purchasing a home more affordable. According to Freddie Mac, the average commitment rate for a 30-year, conventional, fixed-rate mortgage decreased to 4.64 percent in December from 4.87 percent in November. The average commitment rate for all of 2017 was 3.99 percent. Miami single-family home sales decreased 5.1 percent, from 1,065 to 1,011. Condo sales decreased 7.3 percent, from 1,154 to 1,070. Condo sales had increased in nine of the last 11 months before December. The decrease in December 2018 is due to a lack of inventory in lower price points. Inventory decreases for Miami single-family homes selling at $400,000 and below. Total sales volume decreased 5.6 percent to $928.8 million in December 2018. Single-family home dollar volume increased 0.2 percent from $538.8 million to $539.6 million. Condo dollar volume decreased 12.5 percent from $444.7 million to $389.2 million. Lack of access to mortgage loans continues to inhibit further growth of the existing condominium market. Of the 9,307 condominium buildings in Miami-Dade and Broward counties, only 12 are approved for Federal Housing Administration loans, down from 29 last year, according to Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation and FHA. Single-Family Luxury Home Sales Rise 25.8 Percent in December Miami single-family $1-million-and-up luxury home sales rose 25.8 percent, from 62 to 78. Condo luxury home sales decreased 4.8 percent to 59. Luxury single-family home sales have now increased or stayed even for eight consecutive months. Luxury existing condo sales have increased in seven of the last 10 months. Seven Consecutive Years of Price Appreciation in Miami Miami-Dade County single-family home prices increased 6.7 percent in December 2018, increasing from $332,850 to $355,000. Miami single-family home prices have risen for 85 consecutive months, a streak of seven plus years. Existing condo prices stayed even year-over-year at $235,000. Condo prices have increased or stayed even in 88 of the last 91 months. Miami Distressed Sales Continue to Drop, Reflecting Healthy Market Only 6.2 percent of all closed residential sales in Miami were distressed last month, including REO (bank-owned properties) and short sales, compared to 8.9 percent in December 2017. In 2009, distressed sales comprised 70 percent of Miami sales. Total Miami distressed sales decreased 35.4 percent year-over-year, from 198 to 128. Short sales and REOs accounted for 1.3 and 4.8 percent, respectively, of total Miami sales in December 2018. Short sale transactions decreased 43.8 percent year-over-year while REOs decreased 32.7 percent. Nationally, distressed sales accounted for 2 percent of sales, unchanged from 2 percent last month and down from 5 percent a year ago. Miami Real Estate Selling Close to List Price The median number of days between listing and contract dates for Miami single-family home sales was 56 days, a 30.2 percent increase from 43 days last year. The median number of days between the listing date and closing date for single-family homes was 98 days, a 1 percent increase from 97 days. The median time to contract for condos was 76 days, a 12.6 percent decrease from 87 days last year. The median number of days between listing date and closing date decreased 9.4 percent to 115 days. The median percent of original list price received for single-family homes was 94.8 percent. The median percent of original list price received for existing condominiums was 93.1 percent. National and State Statistics Nationally, total existing-home sales decreased 6.4 percent from November to a seasonally adjusted rate of 4.99 million in December. Sales are now down 10.3 percent from a year ago (5.56 million in December 2017). Statewide closed sales of existing single-family homes totaled 20,633 last month, down 9.9 percent compared to December 2017, according to Florida Realtors. Statewide closed condo sales totaled 8,156, down 11.4 percent compared to a year ago. The national median existing-home price for all housing types in December was $253,600, up 2.9 percent from December 2017 ($246,500). December’s price increase marks the 82nd straight month of year-over-year gains. December marked 84 consecutive months of year-over-year statewide median sale price increases for both single-family homes and condo-townhouse properties. The statewide median sales price for single-family existing homes was $255,000, up 4.2 percent from the previous year. Last month’s statewide median price for condo-townhouse units was $185,000, up 2.8 percent over the year-ago figure. Miami’s Cash Buyers Represent Almost Double the National Figure Miami cash transactions comprised 34.8 percent of December 2018 total closed sales, compared to 39.3 percent last year. Miami cash transactions are almost double the national figure (22 percent). Miami’s high percentage of cash sales reflects South Florida’s ability to attract a diverse number of international home buyers, who tend to purchase properties in all cash. Miami has a higher percent of cash sales for condos due to lack of financing approvals for buildings. Condominiums comprise a large portion of Miami’s cash purchases as 48.1 percent of condo closings were made in cash in December compared to 20.7 percent of single-family home sales. Balanced Market for Single-Family Homes, Buyer’s Market for Condos Inventory of single-family homes increased 15.1 percent in December from 5,969 active listings last year to 6,872 last month. Condominium inventory increased 5.8 percent to 15,852 from 14,984 listings during the same period in 2017. The increase in inventory is for properties above $300,000 for condos and for properties above $600,000 for single family homes. Months supply of inventory for single-family homes increased 14.3 percent to 6.4 months, which indicates a balanced market. Existing condominiums have a 13.7-month supply, which indicates a buyer’s market. A balanced market between buyers and sellers offers between six and nine months supply. Total active listings at the end of December increased 8.5 percent year-over-year, from 20,953 to 22,724. Active listings remain about 60 percent below 2008 levels when sales bottomed. New listings of Miami single-family homes decreased 4 percent to 1,220 from 1,271. But new listings for homes priced between $400,000 to $999,999 increased 7.3 percent. New listings of condominiums decreased 0.2 percent, from 1,782 to 1,778. Nationally, total housing inventory at the end of December decreased to 1.55 million, down from 1.74 million existing homes available for sale in November. This represents an increase from 1.46 million a year ago, however. Unsold inventory is at a3.7-month supply at the current sales pace, down from 3.9 last month and up from 3.2 months a year ago. Note: Statistics in this news release may vary depending on reporting dates. MIAMI reports exact statistics directly from its MLS system. Brought to you by  

Top traits of good Miami homes people look for

Buying a house is one of the most important things you will ever do in a lifetime! This purchase is right up there with choosing your significant other and deciding on a career path. On that note, what you need to know are the top traits of good Miami homes that you should be looking for once you decide to spend your savings and finally buy your dream home. As a long-standing professional brokerage in the real estate world, we would like to show you what to pay attention to the most.  Traits of good Miami homes 101 Now, it goes without saying that every person has certain wishes or traits they wish to see in their new home. Perhaps you cannot imagine living in a residence without a pool. On the other hand, you may decide to keep it low-key, and choose a traditional home, instead. No matter your preferences, there are certain aspects that take prevalence over others. And, if you decide to move to Miami from a long distance, you may not be informed at the moment of what it is that Miami residents look for in their homes. Well, you can consider that a thing of the past because we present to you everything you need to know when looking for a property in this colorful city! Life in Miami is a dream come true for so many people. Look for the right size of the home When it comes to your Miami home, the size does matter. You need to find a home that will not only fit your budget and satisfy your current needs but that can also adapt to your life in the future. What does that mean? Well, simply put, you may be buying a home as a young married couple. Maybe you already have one child or even two. But, you never know what the future holds, so you need to find a home that can facilitate your future needs, as well. A good rule of thumb is to buy a three to four-bedroom house, as such houses are always in demand, which makes them easy to sell.  The location of your Miami home matters The location and the neighborhood of your home are the two things you will not be able to change nor upgrade. Once you buy a house, that is it, you are stuck in that place. There are many neighborhoods in Miami to choose from, and at least one of them will be the right fit for you. That is why you need to give yourself enough time and choose wisely. We are sure you already have your own criteria for choosing the perfect location. However, be sure to take the following things into consideration. Close proximity to different amenities is one of the top traits of good Miami homes people often look for. A house that is located in a good school district.  Low crime rates are an important factor for any neighborhood in any city.  The ability to walk or take a short car ride to get to your workplace. A house in a good school district is always highly valued. Pay attention to the curb appeal They say that people fall in love with what they see with their own eyes. Miamians are well-known for putting great emphasis on looking their best at all times, and their homes are no different. For an average resident of Miami, the curb appeal of their home is a highly valued trait. Everyone wants to live in a house that others will praise and that is no secret. So, when looking for a Miami home, pay attention to the curb appeal, which includes both the yard and the house itself. Some things that quickly add to a nice overall look of a home are:  A fresh coat of paint A well-kept yard A nice and homey porch If you are already putting yourself through mortgage when buying a home in Miami, make sure it counts. Look for a home that is pleasing to the eye, and that does not need a lot of work once you move in.  People look for a good structure Issues with the foundation itself Water or mold damage Problems with electricity and plumbing A bad architectural plan of the walls and their position An impeccable structure is one of the top traits of good Miami homes. Once you conclude that a house has all of the traits mentioned above, you are on a good path to becoming a homeowner. This is an exciting, new period in your life. However, there is one other thing left for you to do - plan out your relocation. In a lot of cases, people seek out the help of professional movers. You have a wide range of moving assistance options to choose from, so you are bound to find something that will be useful to you. As with everything else, you should take your time when choosing and not make any hasty decisions. So, if you decide to be brave and buy a house in Miami, remember to be careful. There is a fine reason why people look for certain traits of good Miami homes, as these traits can decide whether you become a happy homeowner or a regretful one. Why risk becoming the latter one when you can be careful now, while nothing has been signed yet? Good luck, and may you choose the best Miami home for you and your family! Brought to you by

Cervera Talks Latest Trends In Luxury Living: Combining Condo Units Into Massive Sky Homes

For decades, the appeal of suburban living has had two major advantages over downtown dwelling: space and shopping. Most downtown real estate is compact by comparison, and many retailers and restaurants moved their operations years ago from urban cores to suburbia’s shopping plazas and malls. But as a legion of luxury condos has risen from Miami’s sand and limestone, a new trend in the high-end market has shifted attention back to South Florida’s cities. Downtown Miami and Fort Lauderdale again boast thriving arts, entertainment, dining and cultural destinations. The only missing link — space — has now been accounted for thanks to the creative thinking of architects and condominium owners. Purchasing multiple condo units and combining them into one unit gives residents everything they’re looking for in swanky downtown living: plenty of breathing room, access to everything the city has to offer and, of course, stunning views.  “Our city is becoming more vertical, and now people are preferring condos in the urban core versus the commute into the suburbs,” said Alicia Cervera Lamadrid, managing partner and principal of Cervera Real Estate. “Plus, downtown is a beautiful place to live, so it’s a win-win. There aren’t a lot of immediate choices for larger units, so combining units is a good alternative.” Here are six new and under-construction buildings where some owners have combined condo units, bringing a solution to cramped city living with mansions in the sky. PALAZZO DEL SOL Located on exclusive Fisher Island, Palazzo Del Sol is undoubtedly one of Miami’s most desirable addresses. As continuous requests came in from buyers to combine units, developers took note and merged Palazzo Del Sol’s two floor-plan options into a 10,000-square-foot dream home, priced at $17.4 million. Taking the level of luxury one step higher, Artefacto transformed the five-bedroom condo into a contemporary space with sleek grays and silvers and elegant finishes. Sitting in the huge living room, surrounded by whitewashed hardwood floors and substantial art, you could almost picture yourself in a suburban manse — until the sprawling views of the city and ocean remind you where you are. 7000 Fisher Island Drive, Miami Beach; 305-535-6071; THE RITZ-CARLTON RESIDENCES, MIAMI BEACH The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Miami Beach, has fashioned a combined penthouse of epic proportions. The two-story mansion is a mash-up of two penthouse floor plans, creating a $40-million residence with 25,589 square feet of indoor and outdoor space. Featuring seven bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a private hammam spa, butler kitchen, library, wine room, screening room and game suite, the unit also has soaring ceilings and views of the city or ocean from almost every room. Swimming is simplified with sunrise and sunset pools, each with hot tubs, plus two additional private plunge pools adjacent to the two master suites. ‘Our city is becoming more vertical, and now people are preferring condos in the urban core versus the commute into the suburbs.’ Designed by Italian architect Piero Lissoni, the property offers a tropical living experience with the service standards and amenities of The Ritz-Carlton brand. Here, that includes a 36-slip marina and floating helipad. 4701 Meridian Avenue, Miami Beach; 305-602-2929; ECHO BRICKELL This boutique building in the heart of Brickell has taken personalization to another level. To suit their specific needs, each owner was given the opportunity to alter finishes, design elements and even floor plans. Eight chose to purchase multiple units and combine them. Designed by renowned architect Carlos Ott, no two homes in Echo are exactly the same. Units have been combined vertically and horizontally, from $3.8 million to the $42 million Ott-designed penthouse. That 13,518-square-foot, two-story combined unit has four bedrooms, seven baths, his and her walk-in closets, private spa and gym, home theater, office, ceilings up to 23 feet, and its pièce de résistance: a 27-foot indoor pool. 1451 Brickell Avenue, Miami; 786-360-1904; ARIA ON THE BAY Elevating condo life, Aria on the Bay’s gorgeous sky homes are the perfect alternative to suburban living. Their most exclusive floor plan — the A line — has been sought after by celebrities and socialites. Rapper Timbaland recently bought two units and is working on combining them. These luxurious A-line condos start at $3.1 million. Combining two gives owners 4,724 or more of square footage to play with. Additionally, the residences come fully finished and equipped with beautiful Italian cabinetry, Brizo faucets, Bosch appliances and a private elevator. Towering windows lead to wraparound terraces with unobstructed views of Biscayne Bay. 1770 North Bayshore Drive, Miami; 305-573-0666;\ FOUR SEASONS PRIVATE RESIDENCES, FORT LAUDERDALE Four Seasons extends its brand of first-class living to Fort Lauderdale. The property, set to open in 2019, will have 90 exclusive residences with several combined-unit options. Penthouse residences can be merged to make a $25-million, one-of-a-kind home with more than 12,000 square feet of interior space and 10,000 square feet of exterior space, including a private rooftop and 360-degree wraparound terrace. Owners also can combine two-story Skyhomes 1701 and 1702, which come with 20-foot ceilings and private elevator access. Price upon request. 525 North Fort Lauderdale Beach Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale; 954-324-2498; AUBERGE BEACH RESIDENCES & SPA Known for its five-star hotels, Auberge is bringing something unique to Fort Lauderdale beach with its private residences, which cost up to $9.5 million. Noticing that several owners were purchasing multiple units, Auberge created a two-story penthouse with nearly 5,000 square feet of indoor living space and 3,500 square feet of outdoor terraces, complete with a private rooftop plunge pool. A dramatic spiral staircase punctuates the floor plan, which includes nearly 10-foot ceilings and massive windows overlooking the ocean, city and Intracoastal. And a private elevator to whisk you up and down every day. 2200 North Ocean Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale; 844-352-3224; This article originally appeared in Induldge by The Miami Herald. 

Cervera's Sildy Cabrera Lists $4.95 Million South Beach Condo From Italian Designer

Italian fashion designer Renato Balestra wants to sell his South Beach condo. Balestra listed the three-bedroom, 3,000-square-foot unit at Murano Grande for $4.95 million with Cervera Real Estate’s Sildy Cervera, she said. Property records show Balestra paid $1.75 million for unit 2904 at 400 Alton Road. It’s on the market for $1,664 per square foot. Cervera said Balestra is listing his condo because he’s spending more time traveling. The 93-year-old Italian designer is based out of Rome. Balestra designs and sells haute couture, menswear, accessories, ready-to-wear collections and more. He’s designed clothing for foreign leaders and celebrities, including the Empress Farah Diba and the queen of Thailand, according to Cervera. His Murando Grande condo was built in 2003 and features a split floor plan, marble and wood floors, Miele appliances and amenities like a gym, spa, restaurant, pool and tennis court. Previous owners in the building include Timbaland, who sold his unit for $4.8 million in 2013.   This article originally appeared in The Real Deal

CEO Selection: Brickell Flatiron, No. 4306 & 4308

Located at the epicenter of the thriving Brickell financial district, the floor plan for this spacious 3-bedroom tower residence was personally designed by Cervera Real Estate CEO, Veronica Cervera with the world’s most discerning buyers in mind. It is the best opportunity on the market for those looking to pair an elevated lifestyle with a Brickell address and world-class building design and amenities. Here are five reasons why you will fall in love Unit 4306 & 4308 at Brickell Flatiron: 1.        Big kitchen for entertaining while cooking 2.       Split floor plan creates privacy 3.        Two social areas for home entertainment 4.       All rooms lead to an expansive 355-square foot terrace 5.        World-class design by internationally renowned interior architect, Massimo Iosa Ghini and developed by Ugo Colombo’s CMC Group Click here to download a 4306 & 4308 Floor Plan, as well as the Brickell flatiron brochure and 3D amenities video. For more information on Brickell Flatiron, visit 

Miami Luxury Condominium Pre-Construction Spotlight

There's no place quite like Miami. The gorgeous blue ocean, glowing sunsets, big city glamour, and colorful culture make this a place that is truly like no place else. These four up and coming condominium developments will allow you to experience the luxury Miami lifestyle in its most authentic form. Which best suits you? Aria on The Bay Exterior Rendering Aria On the Bay: This stunning contemporary Miami building joins the downtown skyline, located directly across the street from Margaret Pace Park. You'll enjoy unobstructed views of the blue skies and turquoise waters of Biscayne Bay from the floor-to-ceiling windows included in almost every room of your condo. Enjoy a relaxing dip in the hot tub or in one of the three curved sunrise/sunset pools. Blow off some steam after work in the gym by yourself or with a personal trainer. Aria on the Bay also has a great room that has different lounge areas, including sections with pool tables, billiards, and a giant flat screen TV. There's even a lounge/playroom for teens and younger children! You'll always feel safe with 24/7 reception and security. Condos are available in 1, 2, and 3 bedroom open floor plans. Huge, wrap-around balconies surround all units. Elysee Miami: If you are looking for something a bit larger, be sure to check out Elysee Miami, located in East Edgewater, one of the hottest growing neighborhoods in downtown Miami. Floorplans include 3, 4, or 5 bedrooms, but the most intriguing part is that there is only 2 residences on each floor. Condos are loaded with the latest fixtures and appliances by high quality brands like Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Waterworks, boasting tall floor to ceiling windows. Since you share a floor with only one other residence, there's room for two huge outdoor terraces where you can marvel at the stunning views of Biscayne Bay, Downtown, and Miami Beach. Amenities are beyond spectacular, with a pool, full spa, blow dry bar, private theater, and owner's sky lounge with 360 degree views. Brickell Flatiron: Perhaps you'd like to be more centered in Downtown, with beach and water views in the near distance. Like its name, Brickell Flatiron is within walking distance to all the shops, food, and conveniences of Mary Brickell Village and Brickell City Centre. These 1-4 bedroom condos boast high-end Italian design and finishes, extra soundproofing between units, and wide elliptical glass balconies. Lounge around by the Brickell Flatiron pool, get a massage at the spa, have a drink at the cocktail bar, or simply relax at the rooftop garden. Children will have a great time in their very own playroom and pool. Still, one of the coolest features of this building is the carefully selected bottom floor of retail shops, restaurants, and cafes. It's like going to an upscale mall without ever having to leave home! The Ocean Fort Lauderdale Exterior Rendering Ocean Resort Residences Fort Lauderdale: Just outside of Miami, Ocean Conrad Fort Lauderdale is a more relaxing place to live for those who love the ocean, sun, and views, but might not want to be right in the hustle and bustle of Miami. Enjoy residing right on the beach in Fort Lauderdale, dubbed the "Venice of America" due to intricate waterways throughout the city. Your 1-3 bedroom condo or beach villa is crisp, modern, trimmed with marble, and stocked with appliances and fixtures by brands like Wolf and Sub-Zero in your gourmet kitchen, and Kohler and Waterworks in the bathroom. Homes include remote control smart home features and oversized balconies with gorgeous views. The Ocean amenities include a refreshing, hotel-style pool as well as an upscale on-site restaurant and bar. If you are not living here full time, the Ocean offers a unique vacation condo possibility. You can stay at your condo as long and as often as you'd like. Daily housekeeping takes care of all tedious cleaning tasks so you can simply enjoy yourself. Others vacation in the condo you own while you aren't there, but as its owner you get to enjoy the revenue your beautiful custom condo gives you while you are away! Miami is such a large area with so much to offer. You get the best of all worlds; it is the perfect place where relaxation meets big city energy. You definitely will experience Miami and the surrounding area at its finest at these four exciting, up and coming condo developments.

Popular Dining Experiences in Miami

Tourists from around the globe travel to Miami to view the iconic art deco architecture, soak in the archetypal pastel colors, and visit world-renowned South Beach. There is certainly no shortage of things to do in Miami, making it easy for visitors and new residents alike to quickly fall in love with all that the area has to offer. After a day on the water, at the beach, or shopping from boutique to boutique, one question remains; where do I go to eat? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular dining experiences that Miami has to offer. Azul Often regarded as one of the city’s top dining destinations, Azul is certainly a restaurant worth considering. Located in the Mandarin Oriental, guests will enjoy views of Biscayne Bay and the Miami skyline. A unique menu of contemporary American cuisine blended with Asian influences is sure to appeal to the most discerning of foodies. With an extraordinary wine list and extensive choice of premium spirits, Azul is also the perfect place to grab a drink. The Setai The Setai hotel offers a culinary journey, sure to appeal to guests from near and far. The Ocean Grill at The Setai offers a variety of grilled dishes in a breathtaking atmosphere. Beachfront seating is available, and guests not facing the ocean can enjoy the view of The Setai’s three infinity pools while dining. For a more exotic dinner, Jaya is The Setai’s in-house Asian fusion restaurant. Dishes include Peking Duck, Indian curries, Naan breads, Dim Sums, and Tandoor Sea Bass. Prime 112 The historic Browns Hotel is home to Prime 112, one of Miami’s most popular eateries. Priding itself as a departure from the traditional chain steakhouse, dinner at Prime 112 is a true experience. With a menu that has been continuously evolved based on the demand of the restaurant’s clientele, diners are sure to find a new, exciting dish. Though Prime 112 is known for its steak and seafood offerings, their raw bar is quite popular as well. The restaurant is also known to have a wait during dinner hours, and a reservation is highly suggested. There is no shortage of dining options in Miami, ranging from food trucks to exclusive restaurants. This dynamic range is part of what makes Miami such a truly exceptional city. Whether you are craving a Wagyu Filet Mignon or an authentic Cuban style pork sandwich, Miami will have you covered. 

Miami Luxury Lifestyle: Upscale Miami Lounges

There is certainly no shortage of exciting clubs in Miami, offering a night of dancing until the early hours of the morning. However, where do you go for a more quiet night? Perhaps you are simply looking to enjoy a cocktail in a refined, relaxing environment. Luckily, Miami has numerous lounges suited for just such an occasion. Take a look at some of these go-to cocktail spots. Setai Lounge Bar The Setai hotel is home to numerous bars and restaurants, but those looking to enjoy a beverage in an effortlessly elegant atmosphere will find themselves at the Setai Lounge Bar. Cozy leather chairs complement the natural wood ands tone used throughout the main bar’s construction. Dim lighting adds to the warm ambiance. Beyond premium spirits and an extensive wine list, the menu offers several light dishes as well as an assortment of caviar. DiLido Beach Club Regarded as the premier oceanfront lounge in South Beach, DiLido beach club at the Ritz-Carlton provides a food and cocktail menu on par with the staggering ocean views. The menu features a selection of fresh seafood, steak, and lamb dishes. This is the perfect spot to sip cocktails under a moonlit sky, listening to the gentle lapping of waves flirting with the shores of Miami. Martini Bar at the Raleigh Hotel The décor in The Raleigh hotel provides a look into the art deco architecture and styling of the past that laid the foundation for Miami’s design movement. Elegant, classy, yet warmly welcoming, the Martini Bar at the Raleigh is a must-see. Although there is a full bar and wine selection, this lounge is known for its martinis as the name implies. Enjoy a cocktail and soak in the ambiance long after the sun goes down. Beyond the aforementioned locales, Miami offers a truly huge variety of bars and lounges, sure to suit the desires of any resident or visitor. Although the nightclubs are certainly appealing, there is something to be said for a relaxing night with good company in a cozy cocktail lounge.